1 Week . 1 Million Things To DO


1 Week . 1 Million Things To Do

I just realized yesterday that I have a little over a week before I leave home for 3 months.

10 days to be exact.

down to my last 3 tests

last 2 days of work

last chance to get gifts together

last thank yous

last dinners with friends


I already got my assignments for reading and an essay for the summer.

I learned my first Hindi phrase (written in English vernacular)

<<Kyah Halah chalah hae>> [pretty sure that’s spelled wrong]

//= What’s up//

I am at the point where I can start to think about packing and things to do and transportation.

And still I have not applied fully for my visa as I can’t seem to fill it out correctly.


Today is the first day I feel really good and comfortable with everything “falling into place.”

We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

…schedule for the week…

MONDAY [Critical Care Hesi]

TUESDAY [Scribe 8-5.30 & Final Executive Board Meeting]

WEDNESDAY [Adoption Center]

THURSDAY [Last OB Clinical (Postpartum)]

FRIDAY [OB Final Exam & Smart Hospital Simulations]


SUNDAY [study for Critical Care Final]



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