Finishing up to Begin

Finishing up to Begin


I am currently 3 weeks away from finishing up the FIRST semester of my LAST year of college.

For those not affiliated with school de la nursing, this is the H A R D E S T semester of the 4 year Bachelor.

My only conclusion as the why is that at this point there is no turning back, you are so close to the end that you have invested at this point.

The stress is so high right now as I am struggling to survive my finals and end of year exams, rounding out my organizations and executive work, work work, on top of assembling a 3 month trip to which I have no money.

I am happy to say I have made progress.

At this point I have bought 4/5 flights

bought a bus ticket

told everyone my plans

allocated my funds centrally to my savings

got my bank situation sorted

finished a chuck of my paper work for clinical

made a loose plan of action for what I need to get done

I am at the point of no return as all my flights are purchased.

It is an odd feeling to work so hard to finish just so you can have a chance to start.

then again is that how every event in life works out.

During school we work so hard to finish just to begin life.

Is it not the whole premise behind dating. /Working/ to begin a life together.

We live so much of our lives waiting when what we are looking for is just another new chance to wait.

Side note: just finish a painting of a skull with octopus tentacles as hair.


<<how spring hides from me>>





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