Can I afford Study Abroad?

The Real Cost to Study Abroad: Can I Afford Study Abroad?


Today I submitted my FASFA. One of my many attempts to pick at the cost of my study abroad program.

The number one reason why students don’t study abroad – COST.

It is the most stressful part of the process for me and a continuous one at that. I tend to find partial potential solutions to the large cost. Ideas of things that might potentially help me out ,but…I wont know for a couple months. I’ve looked up countless scholarships and sought out numerous opportunities. I’ve calculated the maximum number of hours I can work while maintaining my grades, my Public Relations role for my organization, Leadership conferences, community service hours and requirements for my other 3 organizations. Its not a lot of time. I max at 4-8 hours a week. So where I am I supposed to find the magic pot of gold?

For one of my scholarships I was asked to create a budget. This was the most stress part of the process for me. Everything sounds possible in its parts, but altogether….it’s a different story.

$7,000 for tuition – <<Ouch, but I can work with it>>

$60 for books <<how cheap!>>

oh but don’t forget the housing

carry the 2

add the SIM card

= Around $12,500




I was told from the beginning that <<I can do it, I can make it work, there are “ways”>> Honestly, I have not at this point seen much substantial progress. I have individually raised my own funds ,but I believe that this comes down to if this is what you want to do and it pertains to your future goals then do it. It wont look pretty right now ,but this sets you apart in the work force gets you to more memorable interviews, increased rates of landing the job and sets you up for higher levels of leadership.

According to the University of California students who study abroad are statistically twice as likely to land jobs within the first 12 months of graduation, they receive 25% higher salaries, and had lower rates of unemployment. Students who studied abroad reported increased ability to adapt to diverse work environments, increased satisfaction with job and increased variety of skills to apply to their respective careers.

In the end the cost of studying abroad is horrendous, but once you start your career it will pay off through different avenues.


Study abroad statistics:




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