Women in Travel

Women in Travel


This morning at 0600 I took a skype call to my uncle in Dubai. I finally told him my plans to study in India and to meet him in Dubai for the preceding two weeks. He invited me to Armenia as he has to go there to update his visa to continue to work in Dubai. My first reaction was ..I don’t think its safe for me as an American, let alone an American woman.

This is something that has always bothered me. Call me a feminist ,but I prefer the title Transnational Feminist as I see it to be more inclusive than the rights of women just in my country (the title is excessive though I wish there wasn’t an exclusive group ,but I imagine it being said with in a superhero title screen with lightning bolts shooting behind me “TRans-nat-TION-nal FEMI-nist” llBoomll).

I have always wanted to travel the world and explore different cultures and different aspects of humanity and lending a hand to as many people, animals and plants I can. The number one thing that has stopped me is the idea that as a woman I am not respected the same everywhere and my safety is compromised in areas that don’t see me as a human.

The question that remains is that if I don’t travel am I validating the issues saying women should not travel because it is not safe in some countries. Am I “letting them win?”




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