The Paperwork

The Paperwork


Today is the first time I took into account all of the paperwork that goes into a study abroad trip. Between my university study abroad application, my program application, my scholarship applications and all my nursing school paper work (classwork, reviews, paperwork for next semester, new half semester coursework, work paperwork, future job paperwork, AASNA organization planning paperwork) the pile seems to stack so high it makes me want to see a therapist just so I can have someone validate that the stack is real and my goals are possible.

Today is also the first day of spring break. I took my final this morning signaling one week of catching up.. At this point I have completed my acceptance and made my first deposit, told my family and instructors; signaling the point of no return. I have been working on this for 6 months at this point. I mostly have ideas of what is supposed to happen and what I am supposed to do ,but am in limbo of where I know I need to be and what I can do right now to get there.

Current status:

50% done with S1 // 30% ready to study abroad

Countdown to Leaving: 2 months.


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